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Colour Matching Service

Not sure which of our hair colours is best for you?

We have 3 options for you...

1. Send us a Photo of your natural hair

If you want a quick colour matching advice then you can email your pictures with your chosen colour from our Colour Chart to [MJ E-MAIL TO BE ADDED] or Whatsapp a picture of your hair together with your chosen colour from our Colour Chart  in NATURAL LIGHT over to us on [PHONE NUMBER]

We will then use our expertise to assist with your chosen colour using your Picture. (You must select your chosen colour using the colour chart and send with your picture for us to assist you).

One of our colour matching experts will recommend the best colour for you (during business hours).

Please note there is no guarantee for the perfect match using this method.

2. Choose from our Colour Chart 

It is always difficult to get the exact colour match from the picture on screen and it may be difficult for you to work out the perfect match for your own hair.

We suggest that you pick the colour which you think will be a close match (either slightly lighter or darker if nothing exact listed) and try blending it with your hair. This will give a more natural look, a unique variation and more depth and dimension to your own hair. 

3. Order our Colour Ring

This is your best option! View our Colour Ring product page.

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